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Adient Automotive (former Johnson Controls)

Adient Strumica Automotive Strumica DOOEL

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Adient Automotive is the third factory of American company Johnson Controls in Macedonia. Its opening was scheduled for November 3, 2015. It was presented as an investment worth 20 million dollars or almost 19 million euros according to the exchange rate at the time; the investment was to create 1,500 new jobs.

By the end of 2016, the company had 581 employees and in 2015, the year for which we managed to find official data, Adient had not reported having any non-current assets.

Adient is an investment in a factory for automobile seats, located in the Technological Industrial Development Zone in Strumica. The contract for the implementation of the investment cycle in the Technology Industrial Development Zone Strumica, with Johnson Controls, was signed in January 2016; the construction of the factory began in May 2016, and it is expected to become operational by April 2017.

At the end of October 2016, Johnson Controls decided to branch off its business for the manufacturing of automotive interior, which resulted in the formation of two companies, Johnson Controls International and Adient.

Accordingly, the owner of the factory in Strumica, as well as the factory in Shtip, is Adient, a company based in offshore country of Guernsey.

The so-called tax havens, such as the country of Guernsey located in the La Manche Sea Channel, are world renowned sanctuaries for heavy capital, used by rich people and businessmen to escape high taxes in their home countries.

In January 2016, the Commission for Protection of Competition had approved state aid for Johnson Controls Automotive Strumica, as it was still called at the time. However, similarly to other cases, the Commission did not disclose the exact amount of the assistance granted.

The financial assistance was granted for opening of an unknown number of jobs (the exact number is no disclosed), as an exemption of corporate income tax and personal income tax of employees in a 10-year period, and a VAT exemption on imported goods in the Strumica area.

Furthermore, in addition to customs deductions, the state exemptedthe company from fees regarding the management of construction land and shared construction costs of the building which will hold the factory.

Last update: 04 april 2017

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november 2015

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