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Chelmak DOOEL Bitola


Investment value


5.000.000 euro


39.075 euro






The opportunity for investment in Macedonia was announced by the Director of the Management Board of Chelmak in 2014 in Istanbul, during the Euroasian Economic Summit of the Marmara Foundation. In March 2015 this investment was also announced in the speech of then-Prime Minister Mr.Nikola Gruevski in Bitola.

It was said that this is five million euros investment in a factory located in the Zhabeni Industrial Zone in Bitola for production of agricultural machinery.

According to Mr.Gruevski, the production was supposed to start by the end of 2015 and employ 150 people. The Turkish investor bought a land in this zone in a total area of 24,000 m2.

Till this very day, the construction of the factory was not initiated.

In the same time, the same investor also announced investment in a modern factory for  of chips which would export in Europe and employ over 100 people. According to the municipal officials, the land was already purchased and the factory was supposed to start the production sometime during 2015.

The Chelmak DOOEL company from Bitola, according to the data from the Central Registry, has total assets of 44,000 EUR and not a single employee.

The total revenues of this company in 2015 were five thousand EUR and the profit of the company was 4,100 EUR.

Last update: 04 april 2017

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