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Vindor import-export DOOEL Bitola

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The cornerstone of the Greek company Vindor from Florina, a producer of aluminum doors and PVC windows, was laid in October 2013 in the Zhabeni industrial zone.

The new plant, which according to the announcement, would provide employmet to 20 people, was a manufactorer of aluminum and PVC doors and windows. It was also announceed that the plant would be built on an area of 2,500 square meters meters, and that the building itself would occupy an area of 340 square meters.

"We will sell in Macedonia, and also export to Greece. It's hard, but we have to continue investing, because stopping means no development”, said Costas Micopulos, founder of Vindor.

"The Greek investor knew the benefits offered by the municipality and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and decided to build a plant in our area. Soon there will be another new factory in the Zhabeni zone", said Bitola mayor Vladimir Taleski at the laying of the factory cornerstone.

According to the Central Registry data for 2015, the company had 9 and not 20 employees, as originally announced.

The noncurrent assets of the company amounted to about 33,000 EUR.

In late 2016, the number of employees drops to 7.

Last update: 15 september 2017

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