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6 PM

6PM Nearshore DOOEL Skopje


Investment value


5.000.000 euro


60.755 euro






In September 2011, the Director of the Agency for Foreign Investments announced that the IT group from Malta 6pm Solutions would invest 5 million euros in the company in Macedonia which is supposed to developed IT solution for the health system in Malta.

According to the announcements, it is a company producing  specific hospital software to be developed by IT developers from Macedonia and will enable internet monitoring of the health conditions of (mainly) elderly people discharged from hospital for home care.

The head of the company, Mr.Ivan Bartolo, chose Macedonia, as media are reporting, due to low labor costs, advanced culture, good skills of the IT staff and the entrepreneurship spirit.

The company was supposed to recruit around 10 IT persons and 50 workers by 2012.

This company is active in Macedonia under the name 6pm Nearshore DOOEL. In 2016 i.e. 5 years after the investment announcement, the company had 28 employees and the noncurrent assets of the company in 2015 are around 44,000 euros, which is significant difference from the initially announced investment of 5 million euros.

Last update: 22 september 2017

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