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Alliance One Macedonia

AD Alliance One Macedonia Kavadarci


Investment value


10.000.000 euro


3.180.161 euro






The tobacco processing factory of the company Alliance One Macedonia was opened in Kavadarci in 2011. It was constructed by the Macedonian company IGM Trade and was leased to Alliance One.

In a speech in 2012 the then Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski mentions the company in the part concerning investments, stating that it is worth 10 million euros and that it would generate jobs for 150 persons.

This is one of the companies that have gone over the number of newly opened jobs. From the 150 announced jobs, according to Central Registry data, at the end of 2015 they had 394 employees.

In 2016 the number of employees increased to 550.

This investment was first registered in Macedonia in 1998, when the Netherlands company Intabex with a founding capital of 2.33 million euros registered the company Jugotutun, which was later renamed to Dimon MD. In October 2010, the company was renamed to Alliance One Macedonia, and the total founding capital reached 4.28 million euros by the end of 2015. The total assets amount to 30.9 million EUR, 3.37 million of which are noncurrent assets.

In 2015 Alliance One Macedonia generated revenues of 26.07 million euros, which is 12.1% higher than 2014, whereas the total profits amount to 2.6 million euros and are an increase of 73%.

Alliance One International is among the leading global suppliers of tobacco for big cigarette producers. The company was established on 13 May 2015, as a result of a merger between Dimon and Standard Commercial Corporation.

Last update: 15 september 2017

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july 2011

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