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Allocate Software

Allocate Software DOOEL Skopje


Investment value


7.500.000 euro


334.957 euro






In March 2015, the British company Allocate Software announced that in two months’ time it would open an application development center in Skopje, the plan being to employ 50 programmers by 2017, and invest 5 million euros.

One year later, in March 2016, the company announced that it would increase the initially planned investment from 5 to 7.5 million euros, and that it would employ a total of 55 persons.

The Chief Executive Officer of Allocate Software, Sati Sian, expressed his satisfaction at expanding the application development center in Skopje, as part of their current expansion plans.

“The Center will not only serve as an engine of growth for our international strategy, but it will also give our existing clients the benefit of continuous development of our current solutions” said Sian at the opening of the new office.

The Minister of Information Society and Administration, Marta Arsovska Tomovska, welcomed the presence of this company in Macedonia, because it gives young employees an opportunity to acquire new knowledge and experience, thus making them more competitive on the market.

According to Central Registry data, Allocate Software employed 8 persons in 2015 and its noncurrent assets amounted to approximately 92 thousand EUR. In 2016, the number of employees dramatically rises and is 65 persons.

Allocate Software offers specialist software services for labor force optimization. Their solutions, as was announced by the media, are used in over 700 organizations in the public and private sectors, and NATO and the British Army are just some of its users. Allocate’s health service package was used to manage more than one million employees in 300 healthcare institutions around the wo

Last update: 23 january 2018

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