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Borteknik Otomotiv

Borteknik Otomotiv


Investment value


20.000.000 euro


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This investment was announced in September 2008 as the first major Turkish investment in the zone, and also as the largest Turkish industrial investment in Macedonia. However, it never materialised.

Turkish company Borteknik Otomotiv was to build a factory for the production of molds and aluminum profiles in the free economic zone Bunardzik. The Memorandum of Cooperation was signed in Istanbul, between the Prime Minister at the time, Nikola Gruevski, and Bunyamin Atik, owner of Borteknik Otomotiv, which is a part of the Boral holding for the production of aluminum.

The Memorandum provided Atik with six to seven months to build a factory in the zone that was employ 100 workers. It was also announced that in the next two to three years Borteknik Otomotiv would employ another 200 people. The company was to export mainly to Germany and Turkey.

"For us this is an important contract because it practically means that Macedonia will receive a factory able to export products to Western markets in the amount of 150 million euros," Gruevski said after signing the contract.

 When asked about the reasons behind his decision to invest in Macedonia, Atik mentioned two: cheap labour and the fact that he comes from Skopje.

The Turkish company was to invest 20 million euros in Macedonia.

Last update: 04 april 2017