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Euro BPO

Euro BPO

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In May 2014, the British company Euro BPO, an outsourcing service provider for business processes of global companies, announced its plans to open an office in Skopje and employ 350 people. It was further announced that the initial investment would amount to 250,000 pounds with projections to grow in the future.

The Director of the Agency for Foreign Investments, Visar Fida, who promoted the investment at a press conference, said that upon the opening of the Skopje office, the company had further plans to open its offices in other Macedonian cities, as well.

The representatives of the British company said they had decided to open offices in Macedonia because of the quality of infrastructure in the country, highly qualified staff and available government assistance.

One of the company directors, David Jones, said by moving to Macedonia they would reduce  operating costs by 50%, not only because of the cheap labour force, but also because the administrative costs of opening an office.

"The opening of an office in London costs ten times more than opening one in Skopje", said Jones.

"In the future this company plans to open offices in other Macedonian cities, as well" said the Director of the Agency, Visar Fida.

According to the official web site of the company,

the General Manager of the company in Macedonia is Ana Velichkovska, who has assumed this position after leaving her old position at the Agency for Foreign Investments. Dave Jones and Steve Jarrett are founders of the company, whereas the team consisting solely of Macedonians (according to the website), has a total of 30 members.

The Agency for Foreign Investments told BIRN that this company has been operating in Macedonia since March 2014, and at the moment (end of 2016) employed about 60 people.

"The company is located in the Grand Plaza Hotel in Taftalidze. The main activity of the company is the provision of outsourcing services, such as ICT center services, marketing services, call center services, customer support services, HR and recruitment, and accountancy. It has developed collaboration with the largest real estate agency in the UK, and all of its services are targeting that market directly" we were told by the Agency.

Last update: 04 april 2017