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Global Road Technology

Global Road Technology


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In December 2014, the Australian company, Global Road Technology first announced its plan to open a factory in the country. It is a multinational company that creates innovative solutions for soil stabilization and rapid construction of highways.

The managers of the Australian Global Road Technology informed Macedonian ministerts about their decision to invest in the country earlier in 2014.

The company representative in Macedonia, Peter Ristevski, revealed part of their plans in an interview for the Macedonian National Television (MTV).

The plans, as reported by MTV, included initial employment of about 50 workers, an investment of around one million EUR, and use of the factory as a base for further coverage of regional and EU markets.

"A base for Europe and for Australian companies - Macedonia is the best destination for this. I think that many other companies from Australia will follow", the representative of the company, Peter Ristevski, said.

He then confirmed that company representatives already had a meeting with competent authorities and that they were looking for a location for the new facility.

"We went to Prilep to select a location for the factory. Southern Macedonia is most suitable for us because of its vicinity to Thessaloniki from where we can further transport the products. And of course, the region needs more jobs", said Ristevski.

They had heard about the good business climate in Macedonia from the economic promoters.

"We agreed to come back in a month in order to determine a location and sign a Memorandum of Cooperation. I hope that it will be in the south of Bitola, which is close to Thessaloniki", said Peter Ristevski.

According to Ristevski, the investment was needed to revive the southern part of the country.

"The climate in Macedonia is excellent, inflation is not very high, services are the best in the world; to be honest, the government is transparant. You will attract all these foreign investors, taking into account the services you are offering in the free economic zones," said Ristevski.

So far, this company has failed to implement its plans in Macedonia.


Last update: 24 november 2022

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october 2014

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