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HLH Macedonia (h. Rezidor)



Investment value


68.000.000 euro


4.935.559 euro






This investment  was originally announced in 2007. In the summer of 2008, former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, by laying the cornerstone, once again announced the investment of the British company Heritage London and Hanover Limited (HLH LTD) in a hotel in Skopje, behind Ramstore.

The government website still contains the announcement that the British company is to invest 68 million euros in a Rezidor hotel, which will feature more than 200 apartments and create several hundred new jobs.

The deadline for the construction of this facility was 2010, but so far land only features the cornerstone.

The Macedonian company, HLH Mac LLP, bought the land at an auction for a price of 8,500 denars per square meter or a total of 680,000 euros for almost 5,000 square meters in the centre of Skopje. Today, the firm is still active; it has no employees, but it does have significant non-current assets worth nearly five million euros.

Gruevski promoted the British company as a foreign investor, however, it was quickly discovered that the company is indirectly connected to Orka Holding, a Macedonian company run by businessman Orce Kamcev, through a British company named Jayroma, owned by Andrew Feldman, with whom Orka had a long-standing business cooperation.

It was Feldman who attended the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone for the hotel.

This businessman is a known financier of the British Conservative Party and the English newspaper The Telegraph, in 2010, claimed that it was through Feldman that the Tories were pushing Macedonia's accession to NATO in exchange for a contract to build the hotel, which they got in 2007 with the help of Gruevski.

According to public data from the Real Estate Cadastre, the plot where hotel Rezidor was to be build, is currently owned by Limak, a Turkish company which, in turn, has pledged to build an underground street under the boulevard that runs between the land of HLH Mac LLP on one side and Ramstore from the other.

Limak in 2012 pledged to build commercial buildings on top of the underground street worth 100 million euros.

Last update: 04 april 2017

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