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Musala Soft

Musala Soft DOOEL Skopje


Investment value


20.000.000 euro


142.755 euro






Musala Soft, which deals in information and telecommunication services, in 2015 had only 4 employees, while by the end of 2016, the number of employees increased to 71.

The company’s announcement revealed that by 2019, Musala Soft was planning to open 300 jobs and invest over 20 million euros.

The non-current assets of the company for 2015 amounted to approximately 14 thousand euros.

The investment was announced in October 2015, in the speech of the Prime Minister at the time, Nikola Gruevski, delivered on the Day of the Macedonian Revolutionary Struggle.

The President of Musala Soft, Elena Marinova, in November 2015, indicated that the company had already employed more than 10 highly qualified professionals and announced that in the future they plan to expand quickly in Macedonia, and focus on employing younger staff.

"Currently, in Macedonia, we employ a small number of people, but they are high quality employees with great experience; we have allocated them to important job posts. We have done this so that we can continue to expand. All of them go through our internal corporate training and we will continue to do the same after we have grown in Macedonia," explained Marinova.

Musala Soft is a company from the information and telecommunications area, which serves clients such as Deutsche Telekom, DHL, IBM, OMV etc.

Everything that will be produced in Macedonia is intended for export.

The owner of the company is the joint stock company Musala Soft from Bulgaria, with Delyan Lilov Petkov, a Bulgarian citizen, as its CEO.

Last update: 23 january 2018

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