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One Contact

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In September 2016, the Canadian company One Contact opened a call center which would, according to the announcements of the investor and the government, employ more than 200 people.

The Macedonian company will provide services in English and French to North American customers.

"We are currently employing 25 people, and by the end of the year, their number should rise to 50. In the future, we plan to have more than 200 employees," said the company director Asif Choudhary from Toronto, who is both a founder and sole owner of the Skopje-based One Contact.

At the opening, he informed the public that One Contact currently processes half a million calls through their system and expressed hopes that this number would reach one million in 2017. They employ fluent speakers of English or French, and their job advertisements in Macedonia can be found on the Internet.

In late 2016, the company had 22 employees.

"Most of the employees will be people in their thirties," stressed the Head of the Directorate for Technological Industrial Zones, Viktor Mizo, at the opening of the center, which was attended also by the leader of VMRO-DPMNE, Nikola Gruevski.

The Macedonian One Contact was established in March 2016, and since it is a new company, there is no official data on the amount of its non current assets. So far there is no official data on the amount of the investment that the Canadian company will make in the country’s capital.

There is no information that this foreign investor has received any state aid.

Last update: 04 april 2017