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Sofika Group

Teletech Macedonia DOOEL Skopje


Investment value


5.000.000 euro


18.617 euro






In 2010, the Bulgarian Sofika Group, later rebranded as TeleTech, announced their intention to enter the Macedonian market, with investment of 5-7 million euros and 100 new employments in the first year. This company, according to media reports in that period, offers services in the area of finances, IT technology, internal and external communications.

However, according to the data from the Central Registry, one year later, in 2011, the company had only one employee and in 2012 only 7 employees, contrary to the 100 new employments that were announced to happen in the first year.

In 2015 the company reported 38 employees and this number reduced to 36 employees at the end of 2016.

The noncurrent assets of the company in 2015 are around 20,000 euros.

In 2010, the General Director of Sofika Group Bulgaria, Mr.Stefan Bumov, said that Macedonia offers great advantages for investing.

“In the last year we analyzed in details the Macedonian market and came to conclude that there are exceptional competitive advantages that make Macedonia an excellent location for our future development. From our perspective, Macedonia is a bridge for expansion into the countries of former Yugoslavia, Kosovo and Albania, hence we decided to start from here, training young people speaking the languages of the countries in the region”, said Mr.Bumov.

In terms of information technology, the Macedonian market, in his words, is not cheaper compared to the Bulgarian, but the number of unemployed people in that sector is large, which is one of the reasons for opening of the office.

Last update: 15 september 2017

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