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How to use the Database of foreign investments in the Republic of Macedonia

The interactive Foreign Investments Uncovered database comprises of foreign investments announced by the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and governmental institutions in the period from 2007 to 2016. The announced investments that BIRN obtained access to and documented in the database, can be viewed through four basic filters located in the search menu on the front page of the database. The four filters are:

  • Industry (includes the industries to which the investments belong)
  • Country of origin (includes the countries where investments originate from)
  • Location (municipality or industrial zone where the realisation of foreign investments was announced or realised)
  • Status (investments are grouped into three categories based on their status i.e. the degree of the realisation of the investment: realised, unrealised, or in progress)

Through the field for direct search of investments, which is located in the main menu and marked with a folder, users can perform a direct selection of any foreign investment documented in the database.

The results of the data recorded in the database are displayed on two pages:

  • Group results page
  • Individual investment page

The group results page shows quick facts for the selected filters, grouped into three main groups: the number of investments, value of investments and employment. In addition to quick facts, the page contains a bar graph relating to the selected filters showing the announced investment value, the material resources that pertain to each particular investment during the previous year, as well as the status of implementation.

Each investment is displayed in detail on a separate investment page which shows all available data on the investment and is accompanied by a text that offers key information relating to the investment. The pages for each investment can be accessed by performing a direct search on any of the investments through the search menu or by selecting the investment from the interactive graph that is displayed on the group results page.

The documentation which BIRN has acquired on each investment can be downloaded from the investment page. If the data for a particular investment are not complete, a sign for incomplete data is shown on the investment page.

Data from this database are open and they can be downloaded and used in accordance with the international Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.